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Notes: Kadokawa + Hachette Book Group = More BL for North America?

Maybe. Maybe not. Hachette Book Group and KADOKAWA Corporation announced today that they have entered into an agreement to create a new venture, joining HBG’s Yen Press imprint, a leader in the US publication of Japanese manga and light novels, with KADOKAWA, a major Japanese publisher. KADOKAWA will hold majority ownership, with 51% of the […]

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{Nitta Youka} Embracing Love OV01 [V01-V02] [4.3]

Nitta Youka: Embracing Love OV01 [V01-V02]

This takes me back. It’s been so long since I last read the story, especially the earlier volumes. Things that I had a vague notion of happening in maybe volume 5 0r 6 actually happened in the first two. Some of the aspects of Katou and Iwaki’s personalities are stronger than I remember, while some […]

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{Natsume Isaku} False Memories V01 [4.0]

Natsume Isaku: False Memories V01-V02

Volumes 1 and 2 of False Memories includes two related stories. The first and main story which takes up all of volume 1 and half of volume 2 is about Nakano and Tsuda who, after 10 years, are reunited as a result of a partnership between their toy making and toy design companies, respectively. Tsuda […]

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Sakuragi Yaya: Hide and Seek V01-V03

I had a lot of fun reading this series. There were a lot of great story development moments. My favorite in volume 1 was when Tanihara, being the playful and somewhat capricious guy that he is, tries to rattle the Doc by taking him out of his element and much to his disappointment, the Doc […]

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Natsume Isaku: Ginger Honey

The good news is that I loved this. It was funny and cute and Mineru is adorable and Seto is hot 80% of the time and good looking the other 20. And that was good for my heart. Also, I got to check in on Sensei and Yoshino who were just as lovey dovey as […]

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Nagai Saburou: Boys, Be Ambitious

It was over the top to be sure, but I love that Nagai’s aesthetic has range. Similar to two of my favs Yamada Yugi and Kunieda Saika, she seems to relish the “ugly face.” But even with the Araya Miki meets Habuyama Hebiko-like exaggeration, there are still stories being told. This collection includes the title […]

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Aniya Yuiji: Perfect Training

It was OK, but it just felt like I was reading a collection of extras, especially since some of the stories were related to some of her other works–including a drama CD–which are not readily available. That’s not really a mark against the volume, but more of a note on the decision to publish it […]

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{Kusama Sakae} Lost Letters [4.2]

Kusama Sakae: Goat Mail Series

The Match Seller I love how Kusama can write a story with multiple characters and locations and it still feels like everyone’s isolated. This was simultaneously blithe and dizzying with characters running from place to place, always missing each other, actually and metaphorically, but somehow still taking their time with things. Lost Letters This sequel […]

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