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Notes: Rethinking David & Katsuya

As of this post, for the In These Words universe, I’ve read chapters 1-11, WAYF, NYM, FDNH, OoTN, MS, Equilibrium, FF, and the Undertow preview. Since this is not a review, there will be spoilers for some of the titles I’ve listed. Proceed with caution. I think I’m going to go on a brief ITW […]

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Notes: NEIGHBOR [Spoilers up to Pg. 38]

I am enjoying this webcomic so much. There are so many great moments. [pg 27] This is one of my favorites. Adam’s perfect boyfriend multitasking had me in fits! I can’t get over it. This little gesture just makes it for me. I’m not the only one though, it gave Paris pause as well. Oh and […]

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{Elephant Wendigo} Outwards [3.0]

Elephant Wendigo: Outwards

A bunch of exiles run across a man passed out in the desert. They take him back to their camp and treat him. The man has a telltale tattoo on his face that marks him as a murderer, but only the leader seems to know its significance. They need a worker and he needs not […]

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Yamila Abraham: Maelstrom

Maelstrom was my attempt to realistically show how a straight manly guy could be seduced by another guy.  Demetri is a macho hetero who rather cut off his leg than kiss a man. Malstrum seduces him smoothly and sweetly. There’s no noncon. Demetri falls head over heals [sic] with him. He’s very conflicted about it, […]

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Maeda Sakae & Takamure Tamotsu: Jazz V01-V02

Volume 1 I decided to finally read Maeda Sakae and Takamure Tamotsu’s Jazz after having it for too long. This is not exactly a play by play, but there are spoilers, so be warned. Jazz is a four-volume series about a pushover doctor, Narusawa, and his mentally unstable younger boyfriend, Naoki. Of course that is […]

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Okadaya Tetuzoh: Terpenoid

Terpenoid focuses on the life of Takahashi Yukito; his high school days, role as a father, love life, and sex life all take turns in the spotlight. He’s joined by his son, Haru; his senpai and business partner, Okaken; and his neighbor and lover, Shige to grace the pages with a story filled with lust, […]

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Inoue Satou: Smoker

This is a collection of short stories, the first four of which are connected by the theme of smoking and the company the couples work for. The name of each of the first four stories is a both a reference to the featured brand of cigarettes and an element of the story.  

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