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Miyamoto Kano: Onigari no Mori de V01-V02

Onigari is an intriguing story about the impending clash between two realms. I’m enjoyed it. As usual, her characters are these beings you feel like you can reach out and touch, the humor is well timed, and the art is as good and expressive as ever. I love that she loves the supernatural and freely […]

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The Nines #4: Must be the Music

I admire bands that can stay together for years, decades. Music is such a personal expression and to have more than one person share the same feelings and intentions for an extended period of time is nothing short of a miracle. I suppose the same can be said of love.

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{Miyamoto Kano} End of Youth-01-hands

Notes: To be Continued…

As a writer, I know every story has an ending. As a reader, I know this as well, but it is my reader’s heart that holds out hope that the story will continue. This hope has caused me to scour the internet for the non-existent next volume, finding nothing but other works by the author—this […]

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