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Takaku Shouko--I've Seen it All V03-01

New Arrivals: I’ve Seen it All V03

Finally! It’s been forever, really. One less Juné series to worry about being dropped. Now I’ll only have about 10 ongoing series on my “Ongoing” shelf, for print titles, anyway. Perhaps I’ll read the series this week so I can put it on the April monthly list–it’s looking kind of thin.

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Yoneda Kou--Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

Yoneda Kou: Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

Onoda meets Deguchi through a mutual drinking buddy and three years later they’re still hanging out. In the interim, Deguchi suffers from unrequited love and Onoda suffers from obliviousness. After hearing about Onoda’s feelings for Shima, Deuguchi stumbles on the path of possibilities and makes his own feelings known to Onoda, but things go about as […]

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Yoneda Kou--Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly-01

New Arrivals: Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

It’s only been forever. Juné says that they don’t sell directly to Amazon, which, in and of itself, is not strange, but that they seem to have so little control over what happens to their books is. Both Amazon and B&N informed me that the publisher is the one that sets release dates. There’s a […]

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{Yoneda Kou} Twittering Birds Never Fly V02-01

New Arrivals: Twittering Birds Never Fly V02

After much delay, it has finally arrived. As much as I love this story, all the waiting just tires me out and I’m never really all that excited when the print comes. I realize that’s also due, in part, to the fact that I’ve already bought and read the ebook. Anyway, now that it’s here, […]

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{Tachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito} Seven Days- Monday-Thursday

Tachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito: Seven Days

I got around to rereading Seven Days and I’m still not moved by it. Reading it this time was like reading it for the first time–I don’t think I remembered much of anything about it (especially Shino). I do remember thinking it was slow and that’s pretty much how I feel about it now, the […]

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Natsuki Zippo: Wolf Magic

The first story was OK, kind of sad at points, and while I’d read it again, I would have preferred if the whole volume was just about the title story. When I look at the cover, I get the feeling that Higuchi, the one on the left, is an overgrown hopeless case in love with […]

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Isino Aya: Sink Into You

This is a collection of stories and it’s a perfect example of what I don’t like about collections. Sometimes too sparse, too superficial, or too aimless. Rarely enough to sink my teeth into. Drip – It wasn’t bad, but there seemed to be no modulation; it was to the point where I was ready to […]

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