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{Hashiba Rin} Come to the Infirmary [d]

Hashiba Rin: Come to the Infirmary

I thought about dropping this, but I just ended up skipping the first two or three stories and reading the last three. Of the three, the best story was actually the one lone shoujo that was slipped in. It was about a girl who gets called “ugly” seemingly out of nowhere and is having a […]

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{Ishida Ikue} All the Time [3.5]

Ishida Ikue: All the Time

This was fairly enjoyable even though it was a bit dated. Sentiments about being the “woman” and “we’re doing it–I won’t let you get away this time” aside, I liked how they progressed through their relationship from hometown boys to colleagues to friends to likers to lovers. The transitions between events were kind of abrupt […]

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{Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue} It's Not Love [3.4]

Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue: It’s Not Love

While I can’t quite recommend this unless you want to laugh at things that aren’t meant to be funny, I did enjoy reading this (though certainly not the way the author intended). Three friends are out drinking when a guy who knows them but who none of them initially admit to not knowing interrupts them and […]

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[Agawa Kouko} Love Soul [3.0]

Agawa Kouko: Love Soul

It wasn’t horrible, but Makoto really got on my nerves stringing Kei along and having the nerve to say that he didn’t know what Kei wanted from him. Facing the Incoming Wind, the prequel, was full of Kei expressing himself, so I don’t get Makoto’s confusion. But I am glad that Kei did eventually put […]

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Kashio: Switch On!

This was OK, some cute parts, but the story, “Melody of Ice,” was just no. And I like twisted, but because it leaves off where it does, there’s no closure and I can only think that it won’t get better, so no.

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Kari Sumako: These are the Hungry

Beginnings. That’s what comes to mind when I think about her stories, the two that I’ve read anyway. A Truthful Picture and These are the Hungry are great stories about finding your way through a new life experience. Sumako-sensei writes characters that are at once timid and brave, thoughtful and careless, restricted and free. In […]

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Terashima: To Sow a Seed

Minami, a salesman, falls in love with Kitagami, a dentist, and is persistent in his non-aggressive pursuit. I was slightly annoyed at his tenacity, but since he was rather pleasant about it AND (this is the important part) AND was called out on how being the nice guy is a load of arrogant BS, I […]

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Kyouda Kahiro: Curve

It has an interesting enough premise, but the storytelling was a bit clumsy, especially the romantic moments. So, Kyouda Kahiro is the mangaka’s nom de plume which is fine, but when you look up the book on B&N and Amazon, it lists her real name, Tsubota Noriko. Just her real name, no parentheses, no “as,” […]

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