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{Kinoshita Keiko} Want to Depend on You [3.1]

Kinoshita Keiko: Want to Depend on You

Going into this, I just knew I was going to have wonderful things to say about this title because I have come to appreciate Kinoshita Keiko as a storyteller and I know Boys Love Bang Bang will always produce quality work. I am somewhat heartbroken to have to report that I was disappointed. BLBangBang certainly […]

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{Yoneda Kou} Doushitemo Furetakunai

Koneda Kou: Doushitemo Furetakunai

Doushitemo Furetakunai is a masterpiece. The End. That statement does a decent job of summing things up. Since everything I thought about the story and every sentiment I held was just too much for me to grab a hold of, I was really tempted to leave it at that. I had a very difficult time […]

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Takaguchi Satosumi: Pink V01-V03

If poor Benio knew, I’m sure he would have told his young charge. Unfortunately, for Benio, his guidance leads the fledgling partnership around unexpected turns and puts both parties in compromising positions–most notably, on all fours and in a variation of a half M. None of the characters were what they seemed to be and […]

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Rakun: U Don’t Know Me

Rakun (AKA Na Yeri). Oh how I wish there were more stories like hers to devour! “U Don’t Know Me” has been happily residing in the upper strata of my favorites list since my first read of it more than a year ago. The artwork is so delicious; it makes my mouth water. As a […]

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Aida Saki & Nara Chiharu: S

This was initially supposed to be a series of reviews, but I only managed to complete a review for V01. As a detective, Shiiba is committed to ridding the city of the guns that continue to threaten its welfare. His commitment is an unstable mix of dedication and desperation, with desperation often carrying more weight. […]

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