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Notes: Kadokawa + Hachette Book Group = More BL for North America?

Maybe. Maybe not. Hachette Book Group and KADOKAWA Corporation announced today that they have entered into an agreement to create a new venture, joining HBG’s Yen Press imprint, a leader in the US publication of Japanese manga and light novels, with KADOKAWA, a major Japanese publisher. KADOKAWA will hold majority ownership, with 51% of the […]

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Notes: Rethinking David & Katsuya

As of this post, for the In These Words universe, I’ve read chapters 1-11, WAYF, NYM, FDNH, OoTN, MS, Equilibrium, FF, and the Undertow preview. Since this is not a review, there will be spoilers for some of the titles I’ve listed. Proceed with caution. I think I’m going to go on a brief ITW […]

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Notes: NEIGHBOR [Spoilers up to Pg. 38]

I am enjoying this webcomic so much. There are so many great moments. [pg 27] This is one of my favorites. Adam’s perfect boyfriend multitasking had me in fits! I can’t get over it. This little gesture just makes it for me. I’m not the only one though, it gave Paris pause as well. Oh and […]

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Notes: Yaoi Revolution

Originally posted on Tumblr. Yaoi-Revolution (YRev) This is the first time I’ve run across this publisher and their titles. The art looks great. Himitsu  Studio // Arena C01: “approx. 44 pages of hot sweaty bloody men!” I’m guessing Spartacus has sparked a fire in the hearts of the fu-hito and now we’re being gifted with paperbacks to […]

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Notes: Embrace the Shota

#this is seriously sexy #temperature up and everything #However— I feel weird about that because they’re both kids #so… not sweet and fluffy #very hot— but too hot for kids #I’m conflicted This is my tagmentary from when I initially reblogged the above image. I received some interesting responses. My favorite response might be, “embrace […]

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{Konohara Narise & Shimizu Yuki} Don't Worry Mama

Notes: Konohara Narise

I believe the first story I read by Konohara Narise was “Dousokai”, a oneshot illustrated by Asou Mitsuaki. At the time, the other things I had read by Asou left me wanting so I don’t think I was in the frame of mind to appreciate it. This is not to say that a later re-reading […]

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{Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao} Cold Fever

Notes: Cold Series

I was looking at the cover of Cold Fever (novel) by Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao and briefly thought that the artwork resembled Asou Mitsuaki’s work. And wouldn’t you know, Asou is doing the work for the manga series. Although some part of me thinks I knew this already. I enjoyed the Cold novel series, […]

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Notes: The Uke Shall Not Be Denied!

Thanx for joining me in the second installment of The Road to Yaoi-Con series. This time I’d like to talk briefly about something that is greatly underrepresented in yaoi; something I’ve taken issue with for quite some time now. I read yaoi because I like the idea of men interacting with each other in sensual, […]

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