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{robotsharks} Sharp Zero

First Impression: Sharp Zero by robotsharks

An array of secret, gender, sexual, and ethnic identities come together to… well, I don’t know quite yet, but they’re cute, smart, funny, hot, engaging, and pretty awesome while they’re doing it. In a world where supers are the norm, shortybop in the front there–uh, his name is actually Elliot, but I can’t resist calling […]

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{Ngozi Ukazu} Check, Please!-01

First Impression: Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu

This webcomic is so good! I’m terrible at keeping up with serials, godawful, really, and because of that, I often put things like webcomics on the back burner where they eventually boil down to nothingness, but this is on Tumblr (and it’s crossed my dash several times already) so it’s godeasy! MAN, am I having […]

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