The Nines #4: Must be the Music

I admire bands that can stay together for years, decades. Music is such a personal expression and to have more than one person share the same feelings and intentions for an extended period of time is nothing short of a miracle. I suppose the same can be said of love.

{Konohara Narise & Miyamoto Kano} End of Youth [4.5]

[Juné] {Miyagi Tooko} Butterfly of the Distant Day [4.5]

[DMG] {Maiko Marry} Love Makes People Grow [3.8]

Konohara Narise & Miyamoto Kano: End of Youth – I want to say that Chikara is a horrible person; he’s brutally honest and has tunnel vision, but his love is so direct and pure. The look on his face when they finally … So many emotions and thoughts were tangled in that expression. I could easily believe that he’d been celibate all that time.

Miyagi Tooko: Butterfly of the Distant Day – This, along with the main story, Il Gatto Sul G, is a hushed and slow-moving story. I liked the way Al (?) didn’t really let Saki get away with being coy.

Maiko Marry: Love Makes People Grow – Diamond – Friends are awesome.

Nishida Higashi--Tenshi no Uta V01 [5.0]

SHOOWA--Non Tea Room [4.5]

[NetComics] {est em} Age Called Blue [4.3]

Nishida Higashi: Tenshi no Uta V01-V02 – Nishida is really good at peeling back the layers and exposing all of the filthy, fragile, and lovely parts of her characters. There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Mihail’s just an idiot and his idiocy has him singing back up for a duet between and madman and love-starved kid. Another of her titles, Negai Kanae Tamae, features a pianist as well, but that’s been reserved for another list.

est em: Age Called Blue – It hurts to choose someone you know is no good for you, but the greatest pain is knowing that it hurts more being apart from them.


Yamagata Satomi--Love Song [4.4]

Tojitsuki Hajime--Sakitcho Dakedemo [4.3]

[Juné] {Abe Akane} Hard Rock [5.0]

Yamagata Satomi: Love Song – You want to feel sorry for all of them, but none of them are innocent. Love and desire on one end and music and expression on the other. It’s a half-arsed game of tug-o-war.

Abe Akane: Hard Rock – This is my favorite title by Abe. She managed to create a very interesting character dynamic with the juxtaposition of the pushy and overbearing Yumeji and the pushy, yet endearing Nozomu. It is a pleasure to witness how each approaches and conquers(?) his target. I would really like to see a v02 for this title that tells the story of what happened between graduation and the final chapter. (N.B. The summary from June Manga which can be read on Akadot and MyAnimeList tells a completely different story.)

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