The Nines #3: The Kids are Alright

Kids aren’t always alright with me, but there are exceptions.

Hideyoshico--Nennen Saisai [4.4]

Inoue Satou--Two Wolves and Their Sons [4.4]

Yamada Yugi--Don't Blame Me V01

Hideyoshico: Nennen Saisai

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“Komukai Household’s Circumstances” – Kids that grow up in what are, unbeknownst to them, uncommon circumstances and then are somehow confronted with it outside of the comfort of their home/family environment are unfairly burdened with the decision of where to take out their frustrations due to their confusion over the disparity that they are now aware of.

Inoue Satou: Two Wolves and Their Sons

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What can I say? It’s a rare occasion when both men have kids in tow.

Yamada Yugi: Don’t Blame Me V01-V02

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Although there are two on this list, there aren’t too many titles that feature kids where the kids are in middle school or higher; they’re usually drooling babes or precocious kinders. I like when kids come face to face with their dismantled heroes.

Moto Haruko--A Beautiful Life [4.0]

Hirakita Yuya--Sannin Gurashi [4.7]

Asou Kai--Only Serious About You V01

Moto Haruko: A Beautiful Life

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Although I think it’s strange how this guy just hands his kid off to a guy he knows from zip, I love how devoted a father he is and the little bit of back story about before Iyo was born. I wonder why this hasn’t been collected in a tankoubon.

Hirakita Yuya: Sannin Gurashi

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He was so worried that history was repeating itself … my heart was in a vise.

[DMG] {Kari Sumako} A Truthful Picture [5.0]

[DMG] {Kumota Haruko} Wild Rose [4.4]

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi--It's Only Love

Kumota Haruko: Wild Rose

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She was so cute, she wanted to join in.

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi: It’s Only Love

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Makoto is the kind of kid I don’t like: precocious. But when he’s not mouthing off about things way above his paygrade, he’s rather adorable, especially when he’s with Ai.

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