The Nines #2: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Kids and animals. I’m not really fond of cute plot devices, but there are a few stories where a kitty comes into play–and not just for the aww factor–that I like.

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi-- Tired of Waiting for Love

Akira Norikazu--Honey Darling

Fuwa Shinri--Intense Rain

Akira Norikazu: Honey Darling – It’s hard to get away from the cute factor in this story, but it has very little to do with the cat and a whole lot to do with Chi’s inner monologues.

Fuwa Shinri: Intense Rain – If it’s got to be set in a high school, teacher x teacher is the way to go.

Kano Shiuko--Punch Up V01

Kari Sumako--The Cat in the Box

Fuwa Shinri--Gravity Eyes V01 [3.5]

Kano Shiuko: Punch Up V01-V04

More often than not I end up siding with one character and everyone else’s happy ending is just a bonus, but with this, I was rooting for both Maki and Kouta and at some point, Maki, who I cared less for, became the guy I cared for the most. This has the distinction of being the only story on this list that doesn’t include a stray cat.

Fuwa Shinri: Gravity Eyes V01-V02

This is one of my favorite seme x seme stories. Though there’s no battle for supremacy.

Miyamoto Kano--Nightwalk [4.0]

Shimaji--Cat's Love

Eda Yuuri & Machiya Hatoko--Koi to wa Yobenai V01 [4.5]

Miyamoto Kano: Nightwalk

The supernatural and cats–two of Miyamoto Kano’s favorite things.

Shimaji: Neko no Koi

I read this a lot.

Eda Yuuri & Machiya Hatoko: Koi to wa Yobenai V01-V03

I prefer stories about adults and this is a good one. I was happy to have my heart back at the end of the story.

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