Suginuma Yasuna & Yamakami Riyu: Depression Of The Anti-Romanticist V01-V02

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Kan was a very interesting character. His personality, past, actions, mien, and comportment were at odds with each other, yet very much in sync. He’s all of the good and bad things you’ll come to think about him. Reading him was strange at first. I just didn’t trust him, was annoyed by him, and was waiting for the twist or the moment of redemption, but it never came. By the 2nd volume, I had grown somewhat comfortable with his character, but I was still side-eyeing him.

It’s a pretty decent story and the two unrelated oneshots in volume one were good; they both made me laugh. I’d like to say more about the main story, but the way Kan is written has a lot to do with the story and I think you’d get more out of it not really knowing what to expect.

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